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In the budget speech, Sitharaman employed 3 jobs and once done employment

The first budget of the country's first woman finance minister has arrived. In his first budget, Nirmala Sitharaman made it clear that investment for the Modi government, which came to power again, is the biggest issue. The India Today Data Intelligence Unit analyzed the speech of the Finance Minister and found that the farmers who got the prominence in the speech of caretaker Finance Minister Piyush Goyal before the election, this time they are unavailable.
Selection of words - Sitharaman vs. Goyal
This time the words which got prominence in the speech of the Finance Minister are: Investment, which has been mentioned 27 times. 25 of the basic structure, bank 24, development 19, technology 17, capital 17 and digital 16 times mentioned.
No word related to agriculture was given prominence. Last time, in the speech of Finance Minister Piyush Goyal, the words were all words. Last time, Piyush Goyal took the name of farmers 17, development 16, rise 15, GST 15, poor 14.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants India's economy to cross $ 5 billion by the end of this government's tenure. Therefore, the development of infrastructure, promotion of capital investment in the country, changes in banking sector and the use of new technology is very important. Sitharaman's speech also points towards this.
Before analyzing the speeches of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is found that most of the times they use poor words. Although Nirmala Sitharaman's speech only poor words were spoken only once, while in the interim budget, Piyush Goyal used this word 14 times.
The BJP had lost the last three Hindi-speaking states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. There the farmer problem was a big issue. However, in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP got tremendous wins here.
 This clearly shows that farmers were the first priority for the Modi government before the election. Now after the election, circumstances do not look like this. This time, during the speech of the Finance Minister, the farmers were mentioned 9 times, whereas in Goyal's speech, this number was 17.
Emphasis on employment still
Before the election, the figures of unemployment were leaked and it was a big trouble for the Modi government. In the speech of Piyush Goyal, there was mention of six jobs and 10 times of employment. While mentioning it in Nirmala Sitharaman's speech In the entire speech, Finance Minister Sitharaman referred to the job only 3 times, while saying about employment 1 time.
Note- The data can be slightly different, the same portion of the Finance Minister's speech has been analyzed which has been put on the finance ministry's website.

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